The CDC says bandanas could be used as a ‘last resort.”March 20, 2020, 1:59 AM6 min read Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday said there has been a vast increase in the supply of medical face masks, despite complaints that health care providers currently lack enough necessary protective equipment to treat a surge of novel coronavirus patients. “Honeywell alone is repurposing a factory that was destined for Mexico to produce another 120 million masks per year. 3M is increasing output to 420 million masks per year. We really — we have put a priority, at the president’s direction, on making sure those that are providing health care services to America have the protection to keep themselves and their families safe,” Pence said. When asked when the masks would be ready, Pence said, “3M is increasing their output to 420 million a year. At production in January, they made 35 million per month at that facility.” “And we are prioritizing the distribution of those, but the other thing — and we’ll emphasize this with governors this afternoon — is we are working with governors to make sure that health care providers, the hospitals, and the clinics in their state are placing

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