This story was created in collaboration with Digital Trends. As confirmed coronavirus cases increase in the U.S., more businesses are mandating employees work from home. With the ubiquity of mobile devices and most business applications available through cloud services, transitioning the bulk of work from the office to home is a relatively easy process for most. Still, as COVID-19 rages on and more businesses ask employees to work remotely, here are a few tech tips to follow that can help make remote work setup a lot easier. Best tech and tips for working at home amid coronavirus: Get your Wi-Fi in order Since most devices now connect wirelessly, your experience working from home will depend a lot on your Wi-Fi performance. A lot of devices competing for throughput on one network can cause internal traffic issues and downgrade performance when working remotely. If you’ve had the same router for more than five years, now may be a good time to upgrade. Newer routers offer dual- and tri-band wireless networks. With newer, multi-band routers you can segment your wireless network into two networks: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 5 GHz network is a faster, broader wireless band with less interference

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