“You can see how extraordinarily uncomfortable I was,” she told ABC News.March 15, 2021, 10:20 PM• 6 min readThe former coronavirus response coordinator in the Trump White House, Dr. Deborah Birx, says she still thinks about the moment last year when she sat silently while former President Donald Trump raised the possibility of injecting disinfectant into people to treat COVID-19.”Frankly, I didn’t know how to handle that episode,” Birx said Monday in an interview with ABC News’ Terry Moran for ABC News Live’s “The Breakdown.” “I still think about it every day.”While Trump was mocked and condemned for suggesting such a dangerous idea, and his comments became symbolic of his response to the pandemic, Birx also was criticized for not speaking up more forcefully in the moment.She said Monday her nearly three decades of military service had kicked in then, and that she only spoke briefly to say “not a treatment” when Trump asked her if ultraviolet rays and heat could be used to treat the coronavirus in people.”You can see how extraordinarily uncomfortable I was,” Birx said, noting that at the time Trump had been speaking to a different official in the room. “Those of you who have served

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