In an internal message to Bureau of Prisons staff about coronavirus over the weekend, BOP director Michael Carvajal asked employees to “have faith” that they are doing the right thing, that they will protect inmates and staff and that staff must not let fear of the virus, “distract us from our daily tasks.” However, inmates and BOP staff from facilities hit hard by the virus paint a very different picture. Prison employees spoke to ABC News about what they said was BOP’s lack of preparedness which they believe jeopardizes the safety of officers on the ground and inmates in facilities. There are over 200 inmates across the country who have tested positive, the BOP posted on its COVID-19 website. At least two officials described to ABC News a lack of communication between the central office in Washington, D.C., and the boots on the ground — especially when it came to combating the spread of the virus at facilities. BOP rolled out the last stage of a five-phase strategic plan on March 31, which took the most restrictive measures, including keeping inmates in their “assigned cells or quarters” for 14 days and stopping all inmate transfers between facilities. In a statement

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