LOS ANGELES — With cases of coronavirus surging and the death toll surpassing 100, lawmakers are pleading with cooped-up Californians to spend a second weekend at home to slow the spread of infection. Gov. Gavin Newsom said Saturday that the number of people hospitalized across the state spiked to more than 1,000, and that overnight the number of people admitted to intensive care units doubled from 200 to more than 400. He said the numbers are relatively modest in comparison to the 52,000 confirmed cases in New York, the U.S. epicenter of the outbreak, but the trend could lead to overstretched hospitals in California. California could see conditions similar to New York, “if we stop practicing physical distancing … if we pull back from our stay-at-home policy … if we go back to our normal routines without bending the curve,” Newsom said while touring a Silicon Valley firm that is refurbishing outdated ventilators for hospitals. The escalating crisis was underscored by an announcement Saturday that 12 elderly residents of a nursing facility in the Southern California desert city of Yucaipa tested positive for COVID-19. An 89-year-old woman who lived there died from the illness Thursday, according to San Bernardino County

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