LOS ANGELES — The mayor of the nation’s second-largest city warned that the coronavirus may become so pervasive, families ought to prepare for how they will isolate themselves at home without infecting others in their households. Anticipating a surge in COVID-19 cases this week that may overwhelm healthcare systems, Mayor Eric Garcetti urged people who test positive for the coronavirus not to rush to hospitals unless they have serious symptoms. Instead, he asked the city’s 4 million residents to think about how they will separate themselves from family members while quarantining at home. “Don’t just take social distancing seriously, I hope each and every one of us take isolation seriously too,” Garcetti said as he described the strategy as the next phase in the fight against the pandemic. He acknowledged that physical distancing may be hard for people living in tight quarters and said local officials were working to set up safe quarantine spaces for them. Californians endured a weekend of stepped-up restrictions aimed at keeping them home as much as possible while hospitals and health officials scrambled Sunday to ready themselves for a week that could see a dramatic surge in coronavirus cases. Testing among the state’s 40 million

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