There is a lot of information floating around regarding the new coronavirus. While sharing personal advice is often well-meaning, it is important to focus on science to ensure that recommendations are based in fact. Social media is spreading plenty of false rumors about COVID-19, especially when it comes to health and wellness suggestions. Here are a few of the many tips being shared that are not supported by science and our responses to them. Myth No. 1: Keep your mouth moist and drink a lot of water to prevent infection There is no current scientific evidence behind the claim that keeping your mouth moist will prevent infection with coronavirus. But staying hydrated can help keep your immune system strong. The temperature of the water you drink is not important, however, drinking water and staying hydrated is important for many reasons. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water helps your body with a number of functions, including regulating body temperature. Dr. Simone Wildes, an infectious disease specialist at South Shore Hospital in Boston agrees: “Hydration is always good; it helps with all bodily functions.” People can usually meet their fluid needs by drinking water when they are feeling

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