The Federal Reserve no longer views the coronavirus pandemic as the biggest threat to the global financial systemBy KEN SWEET AP Business WriterMay 9, 2022, 8:58 PM• 3 min readNEW YORK — The Federal Reserve said Monday that Russia’s war in Ukraine and surging inflation are now the greatest threats facing the global financial system, supplanting the coronavirus pandemic.The observations came in the Fed’s semiannual Financial Stability Report that looks at trends in trading and investing as well as broad economic issues. The report is not an economic forecast, and does not try to predict the next risk to the financial system. But it does highlight areas of concern to central bankers.The Fed said economic uncertainty has increased since the bank’s previous report, with Ukraine war being a big part of the deterioration. The bank also highlighted the large fluctuations in asset prices — from Treasuries to stocks — as investors reevaluate risk in a high-inflation environment.“Inflation has been higher and more persistent than expected, even before the invasion of Ukraine, and uncertainty over the inflation outlook poses risks to financial conditions and economic activity,” the Fed said in its report.The Fed said persistently high inflation may require central bankers

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