As the Easter weekend begins, President Donald Trump will likely not see the “packed churches” he envisioned last month. While he has not given a specific date calling for an “opening up” of the country, the focus of the economic task force being set up by the White House is to find ways to have large sections of the U.S. open by May 1, administration officials have told ABC News. The president has continued to predict the country will quickly return to normal and bounce back like never before, but he has limited say in when and how that could begin. Many governors have instituted stay-at-home orders and other lockdowns until at least June. And Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top expert on infectious diseases, has cautioned that the virus dictates the timeline and warned that to “gradually” reopen the country widespread testing must be in place, so doctors can better identify, isolate and trace cases. Asked about the need for nationwide testing in order to send Americans back to work at Thursday’s briefing, the president largely dismissed the question, touting the country’s testing of two million people “a milestone anywhere,” while saying that testing all 325 million Americans is

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