Despite scenes of empty shelves and customers hoarding all the essentials, the grocery industry says they are doing everything they can to remain open, safe and stocked amid the coronavirus pandemic, emphasizing that the supply chain is still flowing. “We know what the risks are and retailers are addressing those risks in the store,” Heather Garlich, who works with the Food Industry Association, told ABC News. Garlich said workers are following the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including hand-washing, cleaning high-touch areas and practicing as much social distancing as possible, noting that “many stores have click-and-collect and delivery options.” “There are risks, but the industry is mitigating them through the practices that are known,” Garlich added. “In stores, associates are cleaning regularly. Stores already have good air quality, so they are protecting their customers with simple tactics, such as cleaning high-touch areas and offering tools to customers for sanitizing their carts and baskets or doors.” Garlich noted that she hasn’t “witnessed any reports of transmission as a result of being in a grocery store — in the U.S. or abroad — or else public health officials would have pointed that out.” “Bottom line: Be patient

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