Health experts say there’s very low risk of catching the coronavirus from handling mail and packagesBy LISA MARIE PANE Associated PressMarch 27, 2020, 11:51 PM4 min read Kathy Payne has a routine: She wipes down the trays holding the mail she’s about to deliver. She puts on gloves to sort the letters and packages, then a new pair when she climbs into her vehicle. As she fills people’s mailboxes throughout the day, she constantly cleans her steering wheel, fearing the coronavirus. “We don’t know where they come from, who’s touched them,” she said of the envelopes. “It’s scary not knowing.” Payne, a postal carrier for 30 years in Rockwood, Tennessee, is among those making deliveries who are trying to protect themselves from the virus, whether it’s no longer requiring signatures for packages or knocking on doors instead of ringing the doorbell. Health experts say the risks are very low that COVID-19 will remain on envelopes or packages and infect anyone who handles them. They say, however, to avoid touching your face and wash your hands after handling any deliveries, which have become more important as Americans stay home to reduce the spread of the virus. Payne, who delivers to more

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