Hours after Republican Sen. Cory Gardner ended his phone call Tuesday evening with President Trump where he stressed the need for Colorado to receive more ventilators to treat coronavirus patients, a presidential directive arrived via tweet. “Will be immediately sending 100 Ventilators to Colorado at the request of Senator Gardner!” Trump wrote. The problem is the state had requested 10,000 ventilators through official channels nearly a month ago. The episode was reflective of what critics call the federal government’s at times erratic system for supporting states in battling the coronavirus pandemic — one in which it helps to appear on the president’s personal radar, and where some states are given far less than they asked for, while some others see a bounty. Following a call with administration officials Wednesday afternoon, Colorado Democrat Rep. Diana DeGette expressed concern to her colleagues about the way in which the federal government was prioritizing ventilators and who gets what, sources familiar with the call said. DeGette said she was “totally outraged” by the request, telling CNN in an interview Wednesday evening, “I think this thing that happened with Senator Gardner and President Trump is very disturbing. What is the process here?” “Nowhere did it

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