Thousands of workers have been thrust onto the front lines of the coronavirus emergency in New York CityBy WILL GRAVES Associated PressApril 5, 2020, 3:44 PM4 min read Josh Allert’s days are a blur and a battle. His mental and physical stamina are constantly put to the test as the 22-year-old emergency medical technician transports coronavirus patients around New York. He is burdened by the push-and-pull between the desire to help at the epicenter of the pandemic and the knowledge doing so separates him from the people he loves. He worries about getting sick or infecting his family. Sitting in an ambulance as it dashed across New York City near the end of another draining shift earlier this week, the stress overwhelmed him. “I cried on the truck,” Allert told The Associated Press. “I’ve been working this hard and just wanted to go see my family and spend time with them and kiss them and hug them, and I can’t right now.” Allert is part of an army of workers who have suddenly been thrust onto the front lines of the outbreak in New York, where the staggering death toll from coronavirus has surpassed 4,000. A month ago, Allert’s EMT

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