Associated Press journalist Martha Irvine is among those who has officially been ordered to “shelter in place” in the Chicago suburb of Oak ParkBy MARTHA IRVINE Associated PressMarch 20, 2020, 9:24 PM5 min readOAK PARK, Ill. — A week ago, I was that crazy parent. “Did you tell my friends’ parents I can’t hang out?” my teen protested. Yep, I basically did. Today, we are “sheltering in place,” an order from the mayor in our Chicago suburb, Oak Park, to leave home only for essential services until at least April 3 — and to stay 6 feet (1.8 meters) away from others when outside. Like many across the nation, we’ve already been hunkering down, working from home and home-schooling to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now it’s official, and even more eerily quiet. My mind races. Two more weeks?? I try to shut it down. Just get through today. And then tomorrow. I text my nephew Sam in San Francisco. He’s already a sheltering veteran, as it were, with his entire state now being told to do so. New York state also is asking businesses with nonessential services to keep employees home. “Well, we just ordered delivery burritos!”

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