Healthcare providers across the country are asking how they can access strategic stockpiles of critical equipment, bracing for the possibility of a shortage as the influx of patients grows amid the coronavirus outbreak. Personal protection equipment meant to keep nurses and doctors healthy is already in short supply in some parts of the country, and as warnings from federal health officials suggest the spread of the novel coronavirus will get worse before it gets better, providers are expressing a growing fear that their needs could outrun demand in the coming weeks. “The state desperately needs N95 masks, gowns, and gloves brought into the community,” Dr. Scott Lindquist told ABC News’ affiliate station in Washington State. “I think there is some indication we’ll get some. I just don’t think it’ll be enough fast enough.” Nearly a dozen state health officials reached by ABC News expressed varying degrees of concern about resource levels if the disease spreads. None of them anticipated having enough equipment in the event of a spike in transmissions. In response, health officials in several states – from Washington State to Delaware — have tapped the federal government for access to a network of storage facilities scattered across the

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