The cases of COVID-19 skyrocketed over the weekend at the Cook County Jail. March 31, 2020, 9:10 AM8 min read The number of detainees testing positive for coronavirus at the Cook County Jail in Chicago skyrocketed over the weekend, leaving Sheriff Tom Dart grabbling with a dilemma that runs against the very grain of a veteran lawman and former prosecutor: whether to free alleged criminals instead of keeping them locked up. As of Monday afternoon, one of America’s largest single-site jails had 134 inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19, up from just 38 on Friday, Dart told ABC News. Of all the inmates tested so far only nine were negative, he said. “This is beyond complicated,” Dart said. “There was zero playbook for this stuff.” With roughly 75% of his jail’s inmates arrested on suspicion of violent crimes, Dart said he’s been working around the clock with Cook County officials, judges, probation officers and the State’s Attorney’s office to devise a plan from scratch on how to keep dangerous people locked up and still create space in the jail without jeopardizing the community. Since crime hasn’t been put on quarantine with the bulk of the population, Dart has also

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