SANTA MONICA, Calif. — California has sold itself to the world with images of endless sunshine, the splendor of its natural beauty and iconic attractions. No sales pitch, though, is a match for the coronavirus pandemic. Even before Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all the nearly 40 million residents to stay inside and shut down all but essential businesses, beaches were largely empty. Disneyland was closed. Ski lifts at mountains blanketed in deep, fresh snow were not running. Wine country put a cork in tastings. Yosemite National Park had evicted campers and hotel guests. Even highway visitor centers had barred their doors. It’s almost like the Welcome to California signs were painted over with: “Keep out.” Countless trips had been canceled and many were cut short once people realized how limited options were as restaurants and bars closed and entertainment venues shuttered. The Laugh Factory comedy club marquee in Los Angeles reads: “Laughter is the best medicine … but don’t forget to wash your hands.” Most of the state’s top destinations capitalize on sunny, temperate climate, drawing visitors outside to famous surf breaks along its scenic coast, or hiking trails in its many national and state parks or shopping in the

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