Vice President Mike Pence defended President Donald Trump’s return to holding large rallies, typically with thousands of supporters seen standing shoulder-to-shoulder and not wearing masks, even after 200,000 Americans have died from the novel coronavirus.”Well, we’re in an election year,” Pence told ABC News Live Anchor Linsey Davis on Wednesday after she pointed out that the governor of Nevada claimed Trump was “putting countless lives in danger” by hosting campaign events in Reno and Las Vegas earlier this month.”Not surprisingly, some politics is being played because in Nevada that governor actually saw to it that the president was denied access to three or four different outdoor sites which would have been our first choice. But look, we have every confidence as we’re continuing to see cases decline, hospitalizations decline and most importantly, fatalities decline that as we open up again, as our economy is coming back, we’re opening up our schools again. We can trust the American people to make the right decisions, given the best information, to put the health of their family and their community first as we bring this country’s economy and bring our nation all the way back.”The Nevada governor’s office told ABC News in a

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