The dispatch calls to Henrico County’s Fire Station 13 at first came in a trickle. “Breathing problem. Priority one response,” the voice said through the station’s loudspeaker in early March, routing a rescue team to 1776 Cambridge Road. Then, Fire Capt. Michael Roth said the calls started to become more frequent — two calls that first week, five in the second, seven in the third week, and 19 during the final week of March. Again and again, paramedics were returning to the same location — the Canterbury Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. “We realized that was going to be a likely hot spot,” Roth said. The two-story, yellow brick senior care center on a leafy street just northwest of Richmond, Va., would see over the ensuing weeks the worst loss of life from the novel coronavirus of any nursing home in the U.S. The first resident at the 140-bed home tested positive on March 18. This report was first published on the morning of April 14 when the death toll stood at 42 people. By the afternoon, the home announced it had risen to 45. The unfolding outbreak at Canterbury is a tragedy that is replicating across the country, public health

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