WASHINGTON — The Trump administration scrambled Friday to broaden testing for the coronavirus with a flurry of new measures, and public confusion persisted over who should be tested and how to get checked for the disease. Federal officials announced a new “testing czar,” emergency approval of a new high-volume testing system and a hotline for resource-stretched labs. Those moves came a day after one of the government’s top health officials called the initial testing effort “a failing” and health care professionals, politicians and patients across the country complained about lack of access to testing in the U.S. Only last week, President Donald Trump told Americans that “anybody who wants a test can get a test.” Vice President Mike Pence, who’s leading a coronavirus task force, and other officials later acknowledged that they are still trying to achieve widespread access. But it’s become clear that testing is being squeezed by the limited number of labs running the COVID-19 tests and confusion among health care workers over who can be tested. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells people to seek testing if they have certain symptoms of the flu-like illness caused by the coronavirus – fever, cough and trouble breathing

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