THE VILLAGES, Fla. — Up until a few days ago, residents of The Villages retirement community went about their busy lives filled with spirited happy hours and incessant socializing at what some dub “Disney World for adults.” There were the hundreds of clubs to attend — French lessons, Carolina shag dancing, light-saber fencing — pickleball tournaments to play and Pilates classes to take at this Republican stronghold built on former cow pastures in central Florida. Even as many Americans isolated themselves against the coronavirus threat, residents of one of the largest concentrations of seniors in the U.S. at first blew off concerns, despite data showing the elderly are particularly susceptible to serious symptoms from COVID-19. But their attitude shifted this week as President Donald Trump, who earlier had downplayed the coronavirus threat, gave warnings to avoid crowds of more than 10 people, some residents of The Villages say. “This place is Republicanville and too many people believe what the president is saying, and they were out in the streets and out in the squares,” said Alan Stone, as he sat in one of The Villages’ ever-present golf carts outside a supermarket, waiting for his wife. “They don’t realize that they’re

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