Voters have been waiting to see if she’ll endorse Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.March 19, 2020, 4:29 PM6 min read After Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard exited the race on Thursday and the Democratic primary officially becomes a two-person race, voters are eagerly waiting to see if Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will choose to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. When pressed on a possible endorsement by the hosts of “The View” on Thursday, Warren — who suspended her own presidential campaign earlier this month — skirted the question, saying her focus as a lawmaker is right now on the novel coronavirus. “I think Bernie needs space to decide what he wants to do next, and he should be given the space to do that,” she told the hosts. “Right now, I’m focused on what we’re going to do next in this crisis around the coronavirus.” But after the South Carolina primary last month breathed new life into Biden’s campaign, he’s become a clear Democratic front-runner. Warren praised Biden on the show, applauding his promise to partner with a woman as vice president on his ticket. “I really was heartened to see the vice president say

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