After a chaotic series of emergency orders and legal challenges, Wisconsin’s election unfolded Tuesday against the backdrop of a country waging war with a surging global pandemic. President Trump urged voters to head to polls tweeting ““Wisconsin, get out and vote NOW for Justice Daniel Kelly. Protect your 2nd Amendment.” In a response to ABC News’ Rachel Scott, who asked if the president should be responsible if people get sick after voting in person, Trump accused Democrats of raising concerns about the matter only after he made an endorsement. “All I did was endorse a candidate. I don’t know anything about their lines. I don’t know anything about their voting,” he said. “Safety, safety, safety, right?” Trump added. “All of a sudden they want safety. Before I did the endorsement they didn’t talk about safety. It was fine, for months it was fine. It was always going to be and now I endorse and they want safety.” Last week, President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, slammed Democratic front-runner former Vice President Joe Biden for wanting the election to go forward: “@JoeBiden , the man who claims he has all the answers to the virus crisis, wants the people of Wisconsin

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