While Joe Biden’s campaign staff in Philadelphia was ecstatic last night over its spate of primary wins, the candidate tried to portray a level of stoicism as the nation—and his campaign—is wrapped up in coronavirus health concerns. Unlike his opponent, Bernie Sanders, who hosted a round table on coronavirus this week, Biden has only made a few public statements about the outbreak, usually only responding if asked by journalists. That changes Thursday, when Biden will deliver remarks from his native Delaware on the health concerns, according to his campaign. On Wednesday afternoon, the former vice president announced the addition of a public health advisory committee to help provide guidance throughout the pandemic.  A statement released to CBS News said, “The campaign’s top priority is and will continue to be the health and safety of the public. Members of the committee will provide ongoing counsel to the campaign, which will in turn continue to update the public regarding operational decisions.”   Biden also told MSNBC this week he is trying to limit handshaking, but it’s a hard habit to break for the glad-handing Biden, especially as he bounded through a Detroit construction site this week greeting IBEW workers.For a primary filled with

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