Travel industry hit hard by coronavirus We’re beginning to see the economic impact of coronavirus in unemployment claims at the national level, but CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster says economists are warning that the worst is still to come. According to Labor Department data released on Thursday, there were 281,000 seasonally adjusted initial unemployment insurance claims for the week ending March 14. This measures people who hadn’t filed for unemployment insurance the week before. The number of claims was up 33% from the previous week and was the highest number of initial claims since September 2, 2017, right after Hurricane Harvey.  “The increase in initial claims are clearly attributable to impacts from the COVID-19 virus,” the Labor Department said in a news release. But the unemployment insurance numbers released today cover a period of time before some states ordered restaurants to close their doors, except for takeout and delivery services, and told bars, theaters, gyms and other businesses to close to help stem the spread of the outbreak. That impact will be seen in next week’s numbers.While the jump today would be staggering in normal times, early unemployment figures from states this week indicate there could be a huge spike in claims when

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