In the past when presidential candidates became the presumptive nominees of their party, they quickly hired staff to expand their operations for the general election. But this year, the COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed that process for Joe Biden. Several Democratic campaign operatives looking to join the nominee’s campaign disclosed to CBS News that they had been told a “hiring freeze” was occurring inside the Biden HQ. It’s not unusual for the winning campaign to reach out to senior staff of former rivals to mine for hires ahead of the general election. But several senior staffers on former Democratic campaigns said they were not yet aware of wide-scale plans to bring on their former staff. Former Clinton, Romney and McCain campaign managers spoke to CBS News about the expansion process and added it may not be a bad idea to pause hiring to assess where resources should best be spent later this year. Read much more here from CBS News campaign reporters Musadiq Bidar, Nicole Sganga and Bo Erickson. FROM THE CANDIDATES JOE BIDEN Calling it “one of the worst policy mistakes any president has made in our history,” former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign is intensifying its criticism of President Trump’s leadership of the government’s

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