President Trump is so far earning favorable reviews from Americans for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak – but that isn’t stopping some of his political opponents from trying to sow doubts, according to CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe. A series of television commercials began appearing Wednesday on cable and broadcast television and on some social media platforms as part of ongoing multimillion-dollar ad campaigns to attack the president and buoy the eventual Democratic nominee.The attempt to discredit the president’s handling of the crisis comes as a CBS News poll released on Tuesday finds that 53% of Americans think the president is doing a “good job” of handling the pandemic, compared to 47% who think he’s doing a “bad job.” The poll also finds that 54% of respondents are optimistic about the administration’s ability to handle the outbreak. Unite the Country PAC, a group spending money to bolster Joe Biden’s chances, is out today with a new message that directly questions Mr. Trump’s handling of the crisis.”Crisis Comes” opens with images of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Barack Obama flash on-screen as an announcer says, “Donald Trump didn’t create the coronavirus, but he is the one who called

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