The next round of presidential nominating contests, which are scheduled for April 4, will now all take place with mail ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Alaska Democrats on Monday canceled in-person voting for their primary in favor of voting by mail. On Saturday, Democrats in Hawaii scrapped their in-person primary voting and said they would offer another round of mail ballots to voters. And earlier this month, Wyoming Democrats canceled their in-person caucuses and told Democrats to submit their votes by mail or drop off ballots to local election officials.  Seven states and Puerto Rico have postponed their in-person primaries due to coronavirus, but that may only be a temporary solution if the virus isn’t under control by the time the new election days come up on the calendar. And with a presidential election looming in November, along with primaries for House and Senate seats, governors and other state and local races in the coming months, there have been growing calls to expand absentee and mail voting capabilities. “America could be faced with a choice this fall of either Americans being able to vote – which means voting by mail – or not voting at all,” said Oregon Democratic Senator

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