Americans are putting a priority on health concerns over economic ones as the coronavirus continues to keep businesses closed across the country. Right now, CBS News political unit associate producers Sarah Ewall-Wice and Eleanor Watson say U.S. leaders are grappling with how to reopen parts of the country, but according to the latest CBS News polling, 63% of Americans are worried about opening too fast and the outbreak worsening, while just 37% worry about the economy opening too slowly and the economy growing worse. And even as the president urges opening up the country in phases, 47% of Republicans believe the governors should decide when states reopen and only 37% believe the president should decide.  Both Republicans and Democrats approve of how governors are handling the crisis in their states, however, more Democrats than Republicans are proud of governors, and far more Republicans (73%) are proud of Mr. Trump’s response to the outbreak than of the governors’ response generally. Views of Mr. Trump’s overall handling of the coronavirus outbreak have changed very little in the past few weeks. The newest polling has his approval at 48% compared to 47% two weeks ago.  When it comes to campaigning for the general election, candidates might have to wait

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