As campaign events nationwide are being cancelled, Tuesday’s primary states have been signaling all week about how their approaches to COVID-19 and keeping the polls running on Election Day. Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio all have vote-by-mail or early vote options, usually framed as way of convenience to avoid long lines and avoid crowds.  “We weren’t mentioning coronavirus specifically but we were strongly implying that that’s one way if you wanted to avoid contact or whatever. As of today, we’re being much more direct,” Illinois State Board of Elections Public Information Officer Matt Dietrich told CBS News political unit broadcast associate Aaron Navarro. Arizona has been promoting its curbside voting option, as well as making sure polling sites receive a full cleaning and disinfecting, especially in the 20 voting sites statewide that are in facilities frequented by seniors.  “We also want to remind voters to make a plan for participating in this election,” Arizona Secretary of State Kate Hobbs said. “Today is the last day we recommend people mail back their early ballots, and there are still several other early voting options available for those who want to avoid potential crowds on Election Day.” In-person early voting is available in Arizona until

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