Senate nearing deal on coronavirus bill A new CBS News poll shows that Americans’ views of the economy have plummeted due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but many are optimistic about its ability to rebound. CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster notes 27% of respondents said the economy is in good shape, while 61% said it is in bad shape. In December, 59% of Americans said the economy was in good shape, while just under a third said it was in bad shape.  Despite those feelings about the current state of the economy, 58% of Americans are optimistic about the U.S. economy’s ability to quickly recover, while 42% are pessimistic. There are partisan divides over that question, though. Eighty percent of Republicans are optimistic about a quick recovery, compared to just 44% of Democrats. Fifty-six percent of independents are optimistic about a speedy recovery. Among those who work full time or part time, 28% of respondents said they were very concerned about losing their job or having reduced work hours, and 26% said they were somewhat concerned about that. Twenty-three percent said they were not very concerned about job loss or reduced work hours, and 15% said they were not at all concerned.A new analysis

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