London — A call for help from the British government has led to 750,000 people to volunteer to assist the country’s National Health Service (NHS) as it responds to the coronavirus outbreak. The nationwide volunteer program, slated to go live this week, is meant to help the NHS care for the 1.5 million people with preexisting conditions who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Organizers expected only 250,000 volunteers to sign up; they’ve been so overwhelmed by the response that they’ve had to pause applications. “As history shows, it is often in times of crisis that we pull together and become our best selves,”  said Catherine Johnstone, chief executive of the Royal Voluntary Service, said in a statement. Royal Voluntary Service is running the program.”Our team is now working flat out with colleagues in NHS England to process the many thousands of applications we’ve received, so we can get volunteers up and running as soon as possible and matched with patients that they can begin to support,” Johnstone said. “Rallying the troops”The NHS Volunteer Responders will be given four primary tasks: Delivering medicine to vulnerable people who are self-isolating, taking patients to and from doctor’s appointments, getting patients home from hospitals, and

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