At a time when most people are staying inside fearing the same thing – coronavirus – one group is fearing for their safety in the outside world because of something else: Racism. One group in California documenting hate crimes and discrimination targeting Asian-Americans said it had received reports of 550 instances in the week after it launched the effort. In New York, the NYPD made two hate crime arrests in cases involving assailants who made anti-Asian statements. In Philadelphia, a graphic video recently surfaced on social media showing multiple young people surrounding an Asian, striking him in the head and he falls to the ground, according to CBS Philly. In Los Angeles, a flyer in posted in the Carson area, with a fake seal of the World Health Organization, told residents to avoid Asian-American businesses, according to Reuters. Those are just some recent examples of anti-Asian incidents. The Southern Poverty Law Center blamed President Trump’s “racist and xenophobic language” when speaking about COVID-19 for “creating a climate of hate that is permeating the country and putting people at risk.” Mr. Trump has several times referred to the virus as the “Chinese virus.””There has been an increase in reports of bias-related attacks against Asians and

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