Amazon’s vaunted “to-the-door” delivery model has become a lifeline for millions of U.S. consumers stuck at home because of the coronavirus. But many Amazon workers say those exacting delivery demands could make them sick. Drivers and warehouse workers at the ecommerce giant say they lack protective equipment and aren’t given enough time to wash or sanitize their hands. Compounding such concerns are that employees don’t get paid sick time off — unless they present a coronavirus diagnosis to managers. At least 10 Amazon warehouse workers across the U.S. have contracted the virus, according to workers and media reports. A worker at an Amazon facility in Staten Island, New York, tested positive on Tuesday, the retailer confirmed. Amazon did not say whether the warehouse would be shut down, but two workers there say it remained open.  At least six more more warehouse workers in different Amazon locations — Queens, New York; Connecticut; Illinois; Kentucky; Michigan and Oklahoma — have tested positive for the virus, according to multiple media reports. Amazon closed the affected Kentucky warehouse for two days so it could be cleaned; the others remain open, according to media reports and workers.Amazon declined to confirm the exact number of workers who tested

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