Doctors, lawyers, asylum-seekers and former officials are urging the Trump administration to release thousands of immigrants from detention to avoid a potentially deadly coronavirus outbreak in scores of facilities across the country. Unless Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) dramatically reduces the number of immigrants in its custody, experts warn the coronavirus could spread quickly among the roughly 37,000 detainees in the system.”It’s a vulnerable situation,” John Sandweg, an acting head of ICE during the Obama administration, told CBS News. “You have the exact situation everyone is cautioning against. You have a bunch of people contained in a very small environment.” “Can you imagine if you get an outbreak in these detention facilities? It’s going to spread like wildfire,” Sandweg added.The coronavirus pandemic has upended American life, straining the country’s public health institutions and killing more than 180 people in the U.S. As the crisis has grown, ICE has faced intensifying pressure to release immigrants with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, detainees over the age of 60 and those seeking humanitarian protections who don’t pose a threat to public safety.On Wednesday, the agency announced it would stop arresting most undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who don’t pose a threat to the

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