The World Health Organization warned there’s currently no evidence that people who’ve recovered from the coronavirus are protected from a second infection. More than 260 patients in South Korea have retested positive after it was thought they had recovered, according to the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raising questions about whether the virus can be reactivated.Colorado nurse practitioner Lisa Merck tested positive for coronavirus in March. As a health care worker, Merck gets repeat tests, so she knows when she can safely return to work.On day 21 of isolation, she tested negative. But, just seven days later, she got a retest and was shocked at the result.”This is really scary to me,” she said. Merck was once again positive for COVID-19.”It’s really confusing. It’s very frustrating,” Merck told CBS News senior medical correspondent Dr. Tara Narula.Merck said she thinks the negative test was a false negative, but said, “there’s no way to tell” if it was or if she got infected with coronavirus again. Viral PCR tests based on nose and throat swabs like the ones for coronavirus are reliable about 60% to 90% of the time, depending on the test.Asked if people can get COVID-19 twice, Dr. Stanley

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