Some “infuriated” Canadians are questioning President Trump’s ban on exports of N95 masks to America’s neighbor to the north. One Canadian leader responded to Mr. Trump’s restriction by reminding the world that Canada stepped up to help Americans after the September 11th attacks.  “To say that I’m infuriated by the recent actions of President Trump of the United States is an understatement,” Newfoundland Premier Dwight Ball told the Associated Press. “I cannot believe for a second that in a time of crisis that President Trump would even think about banning key medical supplies to Canada.”On 9/11, 7,000 airline passengers on flights to and from the U.S. were grounded in Newfoundland, Canada, were residents offered them safe harbor. The small town of Gander only had about 500 hotel rooms, former Gander Mayor Claude Elliott said, but volunteers and the Canadian military made sure everyone had a place to stay.  The story of the town’s generosity toward the passengers even inspired the hit Broadway musical, “Come from Away.” It exemplifies how humanity prevails, even during the darkest times. Now, Premier Ball is reminding Mr. Trump of that generosity. “Newfoundland and Labrador will never give up on humanity. We will not hesitate for one second

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