Advocates are raising alarm bells about a potential uptick in child abuse as more families isolate at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. One Texas children’s hospital says two children died of suspected abuse on the same day in March, and the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline is reporting a 20% increase in calls and more than four times the number of texts compared to the same time last year. While advocates typically use National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April to raise awareness about dangers faced by kids at home, this year, they say it’s even more urgent because of the pandemic. Stress related to school closures, economic uncertainty and job loss are all possible triggers, said Rebecca Cooper, national spokesperson for the nonprofit group Childhelp, which works to prevent and respond to child abuse.”In our rush to try and prepare for the pandemic, people are forgetting these victims,” Cooper said. “We have children who will die as a direct result of this pandemic, as a result of child abuse.”  Medical professionals are concerned as well. While it’s not clear that the two deaths of preschool-age children March 21 at the Cook Children’s Pediatric Medical Center in Fort Worth are

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