A federal prison in Louisiana has come into focus after five inmates housed at the facility died after contracting the coronavirus. Attorney General William Barr has urged the Bureau of Prisons to allow vulnerable inmates who qualify at FCI Oakdale I and other federal prisons to serve the rest of their sentences from home. Oakdale, a low-security facility located about 200 miles west of New Orleans, typically houses 971 male inmates. The prison has reported 42 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among staff and inmates. The Bureau of Prisons, which is responsible for 146,000 inmates spread across 122 facilities nationwide, said it had increased home confinement by 40% — affecting approximately 615 inmates since Barr’s original request on March 26. Advocates argue that Barr’s directive, which now prioritizes some of the hardest-hit facilities like Oakdale, doesn’t go far enough. On Monday, the ACLU filed a lawsuit seeking the release of inmates at the facility who are at a higher risk of serious illness or death from the virus. The suit argues that the attorney general did not establish concrete timelines and guidelines for local officials to release at-risk inmates.CBS News spoke with four employees of FCI Oakdale, two of whom are union

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