Rep. Kennedy on COVID-19 in Mass., Senate race Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III said on CBSN Friday that the federal government needs to do more to address the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected low-income Americans. He says further financial and medical assistance are needed. Massachusetts has the third highest death rate from the coronavirus of any state, with 4,552 deaths, according to data gathered by Johns Hopkins University. Infections are particularly high among Latinos in the Boston area, a fact that the congressman said is particularly troubling to him.  Kennedy, a Democrat, represents the state’s fourth district, which includes the western suburbs of Boston. Despite a statewide decline in the rate of infection, the city of Chelsea, just outside of Boston, “has an infection rate that is six times that of the state average,” Kennedy said.  “I was in Chelsea delivering meals on Tuesday, I have never seen as long a food line in my entire life, and I have lived in multiple countries in the developing world,” he said. “It’s been devastating for lower income communities, for low income families, for immigrant families as well.””It’s having devastating impacts on their health, and that’s where our aid

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