While many businesses and organizations throughout the country are being forced to downsize amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Biden is facing unusual challenges in expanding his presidential campaign, now that he is the presumptive Democratic nominee. The former vice president does have some advantages, in particular, the early united front shown by the party, including recent endorsements by progressive former rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Endorsements like these are often followed by the hiring of some of the vanquished candidates’ seasoned campaign staff. But as the public health crisis continues to keep the economy and routine life largely at a standstill, job-seeking Democrats may also have to wait a little longer to join the presidential campaign. From the end of March until recently, multiple Democratic operatives described what they called a campaign “hiring freeze” to CBS News. Seven Democratic operatives who inquired about employment opportunities with the Biden campaign for a range of positions told CBS News the guidance they received was that hiring was still on hold.  All of the operatives had worked for Democratic primary campaigns and were granted anonymity to avoid any potential employment impact. When the primary process ends, even unofficially, it’s not unusual for the winning

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