Doctor separates coronavirus facts, fiction As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus grows day by day, the virus’s potentially invisible presence has led many to wonder what they should do if they believe they’ve been exposed. Not everyone who is exposed to the virus will catch it, and some people who are infected will have only minor or no symptoms. On average, symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath tend to develop five to six days after exposure, according to Dr. Brian Yun, an emergency physician at Massachusetts General Hospital. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it can take as long as 14 days for symptoms to emerge. If, after that period of time, you have not developed any of the typical COVID-19 symptoms, you are likely in the clear, Yun said. Time spent sitting and waiting to see if you may get ill can lead to anxiety and fear. The wait, however, is the reality of the situation. Expert advice for coping with coronavirus anxietyTesting for coronavirus is being reserved for people who are sick, not those who are symptom-free.  If someone did not have any symptoms and got tested, the result of that test could

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