People who have contracted the coronavirus have described symptoms including high fevers, a dry cough, and shortness of breath. While symptoms may differ from person to person, more than 79,000 people worldwide have recovered from the virus, according to experts at Johns Hopkins University.A.N., who preferred to only be identified by her initials, described a bout with COVID-19 that’s lasted for more than two weeks.”Excuse me, but it feels like hell. I’ve had the flu before, it’s not even comparable. The fever is so high that you hallucinate,” she said. “I’m still having a fever, but it’s coming down slowly. I’m only at about 100.8 at the moment, which is a dramatic improvement.”Initially treated at a Seattle area hospital in early March, she was not offered a test for COVID-19, but said the medical staff were concerned.”I could see them through the window when they were preparing to come in, and they were utterly panicked, and they had no idea what they were doing. It was unnerving to be completely honest,” she said.From home, A.N. dialed into a telehealth appointment and was promptly told to report to a clinic, where she was swabbed in her vehicle and confirmed for COVID-19

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