New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday night waved off the idea of putting New York City under a shelter-in-place policy due to the coronavirus pandemic — just hours after the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, told residents they should be “prepared right now” for that possibility. “I don’t think shelter in place really works for one locality,” Governor Cuomo said in an interview with CNN.The Queens native said that as a “New York City boy” himself, he expects New Yorkers would not follow such an order anyway, and it wouldn’t work for the rest of the state either. “We’re very good at getting around the rules,” Cuomo said. “You say shelter in place — if you stay in New York City, I’ll go stay with my sister in Westchester, right? I’ll go stay with a buddy in the neighboring suburb of Nassau. I don’t think you can really do a policy like that just in one part of the state. So I don’t think it works.””As a matter of fact, I’m going so far that I don’t even think you can do a state-wide policy,” he added.Mayor de Blasio said at a press conference earlier in the day that New

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