Coronavirus may spur medical supply shortage With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States growing exponentially, health care workers are sounding an alarm about shortages of personal protective equipment —known as PPE —like N95 face masks, surgical gowns, medical face shields and nitrile exam gloves. Over the past several weeks, as anxieties over the coronavirus spread, panicky members of the public bought up huge supplies of masks and other items, contrary to the advice of public health experts. Now, desperate doctors and nurses around the country, who need this gear to stay safe on the job, are taking to social media with the hashtag #GetMePPE to plead with the public to donate those much-needed supplies back to the people on the front lines.  Dear America,We’re running out of PPE. Our hashtag is #GetMePPE. Please help us get it out there.♥️,An ER Doc— Sam Ghali, M.D. (@EM_RESUS) March 20, 2020 “I’m lucky,” tweeted Dr. Chris Bennett, an emergency medicine resident at Harvard. “I got the last pair of googles in the ER for today. It’s 9AM.”  I’m lucky, @VP. I got the last pair of googles in the ER for today. It’s 9AM. #GetMePPE— Chris Bennett,

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