U.S.-Mexico border will be temporarily closedFederal tax deadline delayed until July 15Standardized testing requirements won’t be enforced for students in grades K-12Trump says he has put Defense Production Act “into gear” to boost the production of ventilators and masks. General Motors is among the companies that will help with manufacturing.While White House officials were on the Hill with lawmakers hammering out legislation on a massive economic stimulus bill, the president told reporters at the White House that the measure would involve “much more” than a $1,000 check for Americans, and said that there could be more “phases.” He also praised Americans and vowed the U.S. would defeat the virus. “Americans from every walk of life are coming together,” Mr. Trump said at Friday’s coronavirus briefing, “and thanks to the spirit of our people, we will win this war and we are winning…America will triumph.”During the briefing, reporters asked about the possibility that a malaria drug could be used to treat coronavirus. Evidence that the drug will work as an effective treatment for COVID-19 is “anecdotal” and needs more research, leading infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said, after President Trump expressed optimism that the drug could provide a solution. A day

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