London — The head of the main public health body for the African Union, Africa CDC, has told CBS News that the coronavirus epidemic is an “existential war for the continent.” “What’s keeping me up at night is two things,” Dr. John Nkengasong told CBS News’ Debora Patta: “That Africa will be hit in a significant way, just as we see is happening in Europe, and we don’t have the capacity to respond.”  There have been 5,954 reported cases of the COVID-19 disease across Africa thus far, according to CBS News partner network BBC News, and 204 people are confirmed to have died of it. But there are concerns among experts that the virus could spread rapidly among people living in deprived, cramped conditions like refugee camps and prisons, and that many countries don’t have the health infrastructure to cope. “Extremely devastating for us””My biggest fear is that the situation we are seeing in Europe, in the United States, and what we saw in China, will be in play in Africa, and that will be extremely devastating for us. Given that health systems are weak, given that we don’t have enough health care workers to take care of this scenario, and

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