Parents describe pandemic-related struggles Parents describe pandemic-related struggles 04:25 Instead of tending to clients in her job as a full-time hairdresser outside of Seattle, Washington, Bailey Witwer finds herself sitting at a table with her three school-age children guiding them through their online school classes. Jordan Humm recently quit her job as a ministry associate so she can oversee virtual preschool for her son and take care of her two-year-old. As for Colleen Bradley, who was recently laid off by a health care events company, helping her third-grader with virtual school leaves little time to hunt for a job. They’re hardly alone. Many working parents around the U.S. are having to dial back on work or even quit their jobs to look after their children while many schools and day care centers remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It just became apparent to me I needed to step back because I was not going to be able to continue to work the amount that was expected of me at least when I got hired,” Humm, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, told CBS MoneyWatch. Jordan Humm of Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently quit her job as a ministry associate in order to oversee virtual preschool for her

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