This past week another 4.4 million Americans joined the unemployment line, and among the companies shedding the most workers are America’s carmakers. The “big two” – General Motors and Ford – built nearly 4 million vehicles here in America last year, today they are making exactly zero; their factories closed to prevent the coronavirus from spreading among employees.  While they are no longer making cars, both GM and Ford are applying their manufacturing muscle to the pandemic by turning out ventilators and personal protective equipment in huge numbers. Last week we spoke to GM CEO Mary Barra and Ford executive chairman Bill Ford remotely, both of them were in Michigan, and they told us they’re thinking creatively to figure out how to get their workers back on the line and keep them there.From vehicles to ventilators, Ford and GM take on coronavirusBill Ford:  We’re shut down pretty much everywhere in the world except China right now. And then, of course, we were shut down in China earlier. And we’ve never had a time like this where everything has been shut. Norah O’Donnell: I know that Ford reports its first quarter earnings in a few days and the projection is a loss

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