Wall Street on Wednesday cheered another round of positive news on Gilead Sciences’ experimental drug remdesivir, which the company says helped some people recover more quickly from COVID-19 than those given regular care. Shares of Gilead jumped as much as 7% as investors embraced optimism that the antiviral treatment might prove effective in fighting the global pandemic that has killed nearly 60,000 Americans.  The much-watched drug has moved markets before, and its efficacy in early trials remains a matter of debate among experts, but is of particular interest in that there are no approved treatments or vaccines for the disease caused by the coronavirus.Gilead on Wednesday issued a news release on a study from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases without elaborating on the findings.The NIAID is running a trial to examine whether remdesivir helped COVID-19 patients get better more quickly with it than without it. Further details could come in the weeks ahead, Gilead said in a statement. The market last week fell after seemingly disappointing results from a trial at hospitals in Wuhan, China, were mistakenly published on a World Health Organization web page. In addition, the U.K. medical journal the Lancet on Wednesday issued further data

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